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├ ┤≡¥ ©▲∩ ử ▲₤₤ ®≡▲Đ †├ ┤ị§¿؟؟

ị †├ ┤ị∩│‹ ị

₣ị∩▲₤₤¥ ∂☺†

†├ ┤≡ ├ ┤∆∩₫

☻₣ †╟ ╢↑§ ♥♪♫

№ more be'n lost in mis
translations here.

Specially when it comes to you campy folk so--wait a sec.. I'm cured! dangit, just when I figured out how to use those darn symbols in a proper sentence!

Ah well ah well, least now when I meet my date for lunch, I won't be limited in my smooze'n abilities~♥

Though er, I'mma think'n we should do an inside restaurant.. those flowers in the courtyard nearly tore my hide clear off the bone! Course, nothin a few rounds of Fire Shot flame ammo couldn't fix! Onna these fellas will make a keen entrée~♥™

Jul. 3rd, 2006 01:53 am
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Like.. Pardon my Galbadian--but is this someone's queer ideal of heaven? If so, I was way off on the vision of paradise..

I'm not see'n my endless acres an pretty lil skirts with their pretty lil robes an dainty lil wings, serve'n up some good 'ol JD onna silver platter while I blow the brains outta a infinitely re-spawning chocobo.

Er somethin' to that effect.

I'd like to chalk this all up t'Fate, but figure'n from the last events I recollect, I say I got lost in that "Kursed Time Kompressu~un!" ..Oh lovely.

So through butt-ugly mongoloid sorceresses, legions of tentacles, a giant furry, and a lady who cant make up her mind what she wants to look like while throw'n random K's into her sentences.. We have a nice 'ol shindig and think, oh ladidah the world's safe Hono! Big flipp'n light jes engulfs every lil thin and BANG!

Here I am!

Where'ever here is anyways.. Thought 'bout get'n up and explore'n a bit, but eh what's the rush..

Kinda peaceful if ya ask me!

But just outta common curiosity, somebody'd like to tell me just who screwed up our lil 'Happy Fuzzypoofoobunny Ending'?

Not that I'm not as dandy as ever right where I'm at~♠


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